Hampden Lodge Pour Bien Desirer

Non Progressive Officers of the Craft Lodge

Although not actually an office (as the position is his by right) the IPM is normally the previous Master and acts as a guide and support to the Master when needed. He sits on the immediate left of the Worshipful Master.

Chaplain of a Craft Lodge

All meetings begin and end with prayer and it is the role of the Lodge Chaplain to lead the members in this part of the meeting.

Treasurer of the Craft Lodge

The Treasurer is responsible for Lodge finances. He produces annual accounts which are audited before being approved by the Lodge. Subscriptions are decided in Lodge on the Treasurers recommendation.

Secretary of the Craft Lodge

The Secretary has responsibility for the smooth administration of the Lodge. He is the main conduit for communication from Grand Lodge and his Provincial Grand Lodge (if the Lodge is out of London) or from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London. He is also responsible for organising and distributing the summons notifying the members of the agenda for the next meeting.

Director of Ceremonies of the Craft Lodge

The role of the DC is to organise and oversee the ceremonies held in the Lodge and to ensure all other officers concerned in any ritual are aware of their roles. This is usually achieved by meticulous rehearsals. It is also part of his responsibilities to see that the ceremonies are conducted with dignity and decorum.

Mentor of the Craft Lodge

It is the responsibility of every Lodge to look after its members. The Lodge Mentoring Coordinator has a vital role to play, as it is his responsibility to ensure that the Mentoring process is not only implemented, but that it also works effectively in his Lodge. The Lodge Mentoring Coordinator needs to ensure that a Mentor is appointed for every Candidate.

The role of the Charity Steward is to organise the charity collections in the Lodge and to suggest to the Lodge to which charities (Masonic and non-Masonic) the members may wish to subscribe.

Almoner of the Craft Lodge

The Almoner is the Lodge welfare officer. He maintains contact with widows of members and with those who are ill or indisposed. He is also trained to assist those who are in financial need. He therefore has a knowledge of the variety of resources that exist in time of need.