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Masonic Music and Songs

Whether you're looking for Masonic sheet music or MP3 files you'll find a large selection here. We're always looking to add to our archive so, if you have anything to contribute that we don't currently have, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please contact the Webmaster.

Opening Ode.mp3

Opening Ode

Opening Ode PDF Document

Closing Ode

Closing Ode mp3 The Closing Ode.pdf

Entered Apprentice Song

entered apprentice song.mp3 entered apprentice words.pdf

The following downloads are traditionally used in ceremonies of Initiation, Passing and Raising

The First Degree


Perambulation.mp3 words entered apprentice ceremony.pdf

Admission of Candidate

admission of candidate.mp3 Admission of Candidate.pdf Masonic Music Page 2