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This page contains some of the latest stories about the Hampden Lodge or Freemasonry in general

Hampden Lodge have elected their new Master for the ensuing year.  Brother Christian Daly is currently our Senior Warden and we wish him all the best for his year in the chair.

The Hampden Lodge website has been given an award for the quality and ease of use of our site.  Many thanks to Lodge Anima No.1223  for thinking our website worthy.  Brothers please visit the Lodge Anima’s website and sign the guest book

As those who read the Evening Standard or watch the BBC News on 28th January may already know, the 2nd LAA Helicopter is now operational and assisting in saving lives. Bro. Stratton Richey, representing Bro. Sir Michael Snyder joined Metropolitan Charity Steward, Bro. Tony Shields and Ms Rushanara Ali, the local MP and other dignitaries at a very sunny but cold launch on the rooftop helipad of the London Hospital in Mile End Road.  

As if to underline the usefulness of the new helicopter, within five minutes of the launch ceremony start, it was called away to an accident but was back in place for further photographs around 20 minutes later, with the patient rushed downstairs into the waiting Accident and Emergency department.  London Freemasonry can be proud of the fact that their generosity has helped to provide speedy treatment for that patient! The G-LNDN registered MD902 Explorer is available to deliver the advanced trauma team to critically injured patients and is here in time to cover the annual maintenance break for the current helicopter G-EHMS: cover that would otherwise just not have been there.


London Air Ambulance