Hampden Lodge Pour Bien Desirer


Through the murky clouds of night,

Bursts the blaze of Orient light

In the ruddy East appears the breaking Day.

Oh, ye Masons, up! the sky

Speaks the time of labor nigh,

And the Master calls the quarrymen away.


One, Two, Three, the Gavel sounding,
One, Two, Three, the Craft obey;
Led by holy Word of Love
And the fear of One above,
In the strength of God begin the Opening Day.

Oh, the memory of the time

When the temple rose sublime,

And Jehovah came in fire and cloud to see!

As we bowed in worship there

First we formed the Perfect Square,

And the Master blessed the symbol of the free.

While the Mason craft shall stand,

And they journey o'er the land,

As the golden sun awakes the earth and main,

They will join in mystic ways

To recall the happy days

When on Zion's mount they built Jehovah's fane.

Life is fleeting as a shade, —

We must join the quiet dead,

But Freemasonry eternal life shall bear;

And in bright millennial way

They will keep the Opening Day

With the Sign and Step that make the Perfect Square.