Hampden Lodge Pour Bien Desirer

Ode To Freemasonry

The world may rail at Masonry,

And scoff the square and line;

We'll follow with complacency

The Master's great design.

And though our sisters frown, and though

We're by our mothers chided,

Could they our works and hearts but know,

We would not be derided.

And though the kings of earth unite

Our temple to assail,

While armed with truth, and love, and light,

O'er them we shall prevail.

A cloud may veil the face of day,

But nature smiles at one

That should adventure, bold essay!

To quest for glorious sun!

A king can make a gartered knight,

And breathe away another;

But he, with all his skill and might,

Can never make a Brother.

This power alone, thou Mystic Art,

Freemasonry, is thine!

The power to tame the savage heart

With brother love divine.