Hampden Lodge Pour Bien Desirer

The Letter 'G'

He entered the lodge and filled each chair,
Was sent to the East and presided there,
He could give the lecture of each degree,
But fell down on the letter 'G'.

Though he said each head must "in honor bow",
Yet out of the Lodge he forgot, somehow,
For from his careless and prayerless lip,
The name Jehovah would oft times slip.

The Fellowcraft, too, when the Lodge was through
Listened as you and I would do,
But the work, though finely exemplified,
Was spoiled by his talk in the room outside.

For no one did as the Master said,
Not a "humble bow" from a single head.
So the Fellowcraft thought as he said goodnight,
"I will talk as before and 'twill be all right".

If Masonry does what we claim for it
We should guard our tongues lest we forget
To use that great high Name with care
While employed at work or engaged in prayer.

For the world is watching both you and me,
To see if we honor the letter 'G'.
And our lives and teachings they compare,
To see if we're plumb and on the square.