Hampden Lodge Pour Bien Desirer

These are some of the awards won by our Lodge website

Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223 Award 2012

Dear Sir & Brother

I have had the pleasure of looking at your Great masonic website and found it more than worthy of our award

Bro. Andrew Warnock P.M

Three Roses Website Award

Re: Three-Roses-Award

Dear Bro. Stephen Perry,

congratulations! Your Web Site  "Hampden Lodge No. 2427" at
http://www.hampdenlodge.co.uk, has been reviewed for masonic "Light, Love and Life" by the award manager internetloge.de.

It's the right masonic work with "Light, Love and Life".  The web site receives the Three-Roses-Award year 2012.

Franz Bruhns  PM Am Rauhen Stein and Award manager internetloge.de